3 Excellent Primary International School in Jakarta

Primary school is the foundation for the next chapter of education for children. Whereas in this level, they are not only learning and playing but also start to discover many new things to learn. So that is why they should enter a school with a great curriculum and learning-support environment. Here are three excellent primary international school in Jakarta that might be considered.

3 Excellent International Primary School in Jakarta

  1. Global Sevilla: West and East Jakarta

Global Sevilla provides a primary education with an outstanding curriculum for the best learning experience. Thus, this primary school combines two curricula, Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Whereas these curricula create a challenging learning environment and stimulate the student’s development through various interactive activities.

Cambridge Primary emphasizes the knowledge of English, Math, and Science. On the Other Hand, IPC holds all the primary learning through child-friendly and modern topics. By combining both, this school encourages students to be confident and inspired learners. Furthermore, here also provides the English Proficiency Programme to build students’ fluency in English.

  1. Singapore Intercultural School Jakarta

Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) uses the Singaporean Curriculum, which is focused on three domains of learning by a rigorous-discipline learning system in this international school in Jakarta. These domains are described in students’ skills in terms of life, knowledge, and subject-based learning. In the end, it uses for ensuring students’ knowledge, values, and competencies in terms of facing the 21st-century skills challenges

  1. British School Jakarta

British School Jakarta offers facilities that are exceptional due to the upgrade related to the 21st-century learning space. It aims to create an exciting learning environment that encourages students to fully engage during school time. Thus, this school offers the opportunity for students to be academic excellence and reach their potential beyond expectation.

In particular, students learn to communicate effectively, be familiar with research, maintain social relations and teamwork, and also reflect on their learning. It includes the encourage to think critically, and share it in innovative and creative ways. So that is why the students can develop both academic and other potential abilities in this international school in Jakarta.

Considering the importance of choosing primary education for students, parents especially need to pay attention to how the school will hold the learning process. Moreover, as one of the international schools, Global Sevilla can be the best option to enter. The combination of IPC and Cambridge Primarycurricula brings an excellent learning experience for students in this school.