Bali Visa Requirement

One of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia is Bali. Tourist may acces Bali easily because available electronic visa application and also several visa free agreements. Depend on their specific travel plans and nationality, tourist may be required to have Bali Visa or may be permitted into the country just with their passport.

The Bali Visa Requirement

In this article we will inform you about the information that useful for foreign citizens who want to know about Bali visa requirement. Check this out!

1. The Bali Visa Requirements

The requirement of visa Bali are vary greatly depend on type of permit and the applicant’s nationality. Generally, visa requirements of Bali may include :

  • Must input data on the application form
  • Being in possession of an passport eligibility that consist of validity criteria
  • Give the latest passport sized photographs
  • Not representing a threat to the health and safety of the Indonesian public also foreigners within Indonesian territory. It may be assesed through health & security related questions on the form of application.
  • Submitting the supporting documents that relevan like proof of return, letter of invitation, financial evidence, onward travel, health certificate and others that depend on the tourist specific circumtances

2. Travel Bali Requirements

To response about covid-19 pandemic in this time, all of visa on arrival service in Bali become suspended. The visitors must get the visa in advance. The best way to make those visa is through online visa service in Indonesia.

Visitors who aren’t eligible to have Bali visa and also nor from visa exempt country, should go to consulate or embassy and apply in person. Foreigners who want to travel Bali island must check the recent entry requirements to Indonesia before have planning to trip.

Thats all the information about Bali visa requirements that should you know if you wish to visit Bali island. You can get more information from E-Visa Bali easily. Please acces  our link and you may consult about your next journey to the Bali.