Facilities, Extracurriculars, And Location Of Global Sevilla International School In Jakarta

There are many considerations in picking the best school in Jakarta. When it comes to international standards, Global Sevilla tries to win and stands out among many with its facilities, extracurricular, and location. The international school in Jakarta has the best offers for you. It is not only good but also meant to provide the best options and support for children.

International Standard Facilities

Facilities are one of the vital elements of schools. It is an element that is meant to support the student’s activities, learning, and teaching needs, and provide the best amenities during the study. Global Sevilla has its priority by providing the best international standard facilities, so students have the best time doing their learning.

Among many, laboratories are the main facilities to put on point. The school provides laboratories with a science laboratory assistant to run the facilities. The assistant does not only help provide the apparatuses, items, and materials but also keeps everyone safe. The laboratories themselves also vary based on its need, such as for science, art, language, and many more.

For better, the facilities are ranges and include almost every piece of activities. Global has a range of sports areas and facilities, composed of indoor or outdoor fields, a swimming pool, basketball, a mini soccer field, and a gym. As an international school in Jakarta, younger children also get its dedicated outdoor playgrounds and sensory rooms for the best physical or social skills.

Attractive And Varying Extracurricular Options

Alongside primary education and subjects, Global Sevilla also supports students through its extracurricular options. Extra studies and activities are available to support students’ interests and talents. It can range from sports, hobbies, sciences, art, photography, and many other options. Everyone has the chance to join, choose whatever interests them, and thrive better as an individual.

Two Campuses For Jakarta’s Resident 

Global Sevilla gives its best to provide and expands its learning by having two campuses, in West and East Jakarta. It is meant to help parents enroll in the nearest campus to home. If you are interested in joining the international school in Jakarta Global Sevilla, check out the east campus at Pulo Mas or the West campus at Puri Indah.

Global Sevilla’s facilities, extracurricular, and two campuses are proof of how prominent and capable the school is. It is an international institution that can provide the best for their learner, bringing a range of support through global standard campuses and some extra activities. It is a thing you should consider for the best school. So, don’t miss it, and check out Global Sevilla right now!