Fullerton Hotel Singapore, One of the Best Hotel Choices in Singapore

Singapore has many classy hotels that will amaze all visitors. One of which is the Fullerton Hotel Singapore. This luxury hotel offers extraordinary comfort for anyone who wants to spend time in Singapore with such an enchanting experience. You will never regret choosing this hotel as a place to stay.

Strategic Location

The existence of this place makes it very easy for anyone who wants to get around Singapore. This hotel stands firmly in an easy-to-reach location. Its strategic location makes access from the hotel so efficient.

You don’t have to worry about the distance when you decide to stay at this hotel. While at this hotel, you can reach Merlion Park and Cavenagh Bridge in just 0.09 km. Close isn’t it? That will save you more time and energy because you don’t have to go far to visit your favorite locations.

In addition, you can also reach Sir Stamford Raffles Statue and Victoria Theater and Concert Hall is just 0.22 km. This strategic location will make it easier for you while on vacation in Singapore. Through Staycation Singapore Deals, you can get a place to stay that is so strategic and efficient.

Interesting Places to Eat

While staying at Fullerton Hotel Singaporeyou can enjoy your favorite dishes available at the restaurant. This hotel provides a wide selection of restaurants for you to enjoy according to your taste. The first is Jade. This restaurant presents delicious taste in Chinese cuisine.

If you like Chinese food, then you need to try the dishes at this restaurant. Next, you can also choose Town Restaurant. This place serves a variety of menu choices that will shake your tongue. Interestingly, this restaurant comes with an alfresco waterfront terrace setting. This setting will provide a different experience for you to enjoy.

Do you like sweet food? If so, you can try The Fullerton Cake Boutique which is marvelous. A variety of sweet foods that are served so beautifully will make anyone love the appearance and taste. Finally, you can try The Courtyard.

In this restaurant, you can choose a menu of local or international cuisine with an appearance that is as beautiful as the hotel. Is it just a restaurant? Certainly not. It also has an attractive bar.

Various Type of Dine

You can have a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different concepts. You can have a buffet breakfast and choose what to eat by yourself. In your lunch time, you can have an a la carte concept that will make you eat a lot of healthy and delicious food.

In the evening, you can find some offers in the restaurant that will bring a romantic atmosphere. So, the concept of a warm and sweet dinner will be very memorable. Not only the decoration of the restaurant be with unique lamps that will be romantic, but you can also eat a la carte menus with your partner there.

About the price? You don’t need to worry because you can get a more affordable price through Staycation Singapore Deals. Choose Fullerton as a destination and get friendly prices in the promos provided.